“The addition of Bowenwork into my alternative health care schedule was one of the most important steps I have taken to really get my whole body health on track. A number of issues have plagued me since my teens: among them, poor and slow digestion and amenorrhea. Later, in my early twenties, my list of chronic issues also counted consistent lower back pain and knee pain: it was not uncommon for me to have knee pain to the point of having a considerable limp when I walked.

I started receiving regular Bowenwork treatments in the fall of 04. Since then, huge shifts have taken place both in terms of how I feel in my body, and also how I relate to my body. The process of self-healing that Bowenwork initiates is gentle and gradual, yet incredibly powerful. After an initial series of four weekly sessions, followed by somewhat regular maintenance sessions, I feel like my body is finally working as it should. My digestion is immensely improved: that aspect of the treatment alone has vastly changed the health of my body and mind. My menstrual cycle is now as regular as clockwork and my back and knees are now able to recover from the stressing workload that I count on them for.

Of course there was the battle of my inner skeptic with logic: I questioned how these pretty incredible improvements could be realized with such an apparently simple technique. For me the answer lies in the focus of energy that Bowenwork connects to: not only does it make you supremely aware of the life within your own body, a force I would say most of us take hugely for granted, but it also makes you more aware of how you move in your body, connecting you to an awareness that ultimately gives the client what I describe as an inner pendulum: a feeling of literally being balanced and centered.”

Sarah W.

“I’m not into the ‘no pain, no gain’ school of thought anymore so when a friend suggested Jeff and the Bowen technique I had to try it.   And I profoundly like it!   First is a one-on-one conversation as to the nature of my body complaint.   He is a sensitive, empathic listener who not only employs his considerable training, but his keen intuition on how best to address my problem.

Through his gentle, non-invasive touch and simple moves, it was not so much as having something done to me, but engaging my body in its own self-balancing.   In addition he leaves the room between movements. This allowed me to experience and integrate the process with just me, myself and my body.   I was surprised at how profoundly my body responded to the simplicity and gentleness of the moves.   I float out of his office!   I’m thoroughly convinced that the body has its own wisdom which it naturally seeks given the supporting environment and circumstance.

A visit with Jeff is so relaxing I feel like one of those Calgon commercials where I go away and my body returns to some natural order of itself.   Further I’ve learned body awareness, how I’m carrying myself that contributes to my lower back pain for example.   I always take something with me that my body walks with.”

Joan W.

“In the midst of a series of difficult life changes which had an increasingly negative impact on my physical well-being, I discovered the healing benefits of consistent body work with Jeff Muskovin to be a life saver. Jeff’s compassionate and integrative style of working with my individual needs aided my growing awareness of my physical body and the importance of self-care. His warmth, openness and non-judgmental manner welcomed my questions and observations during each session, which increased my confidence in perceiving the needs of my own body.

Additionally, through consistent work we were able to eliminate chronic neck pain which I had been accumulating for years, as well as preventing the need for a possible surgery to counteract the stress of repetitive movement tension in my forearms.”

Marianne F.

“I have been a client of Jeff’s for six years. Jeff is respectful above all else. He works with me, no set routine, but working with what I need on any given day. Sometimes with bodyworkers, I am afraid to say “more pressure” or “that area is sensitive” etc. With Jeff though, he is checking in with me often, allowing me to say what I want and need. He does not assume he knows what I want – he asks! Jeff is caring and compassionate. He has supported my family through injury, chronic pain, a new baby and everyday stress. My husband and I feel so blessed to have found Jeff Muskovin.”

Mary C