I have over 20 years of massage and bodywork experience, helping clients resolve pain and dysfunction within their body, and providing stress reduction. Whether the cause is an injury, a long-term or postural problem or just overdoing it, I carefully assess and treat the cause of the issue, as well as the symptoms.

Treatment of your condition may include self-care exercises and stretches, and possibly changes to daily physical activities. Recommendations for additional or alternative therapies may also be made.

Therapeutic approaches in your session may include clinical massage therapy, the Emmett Technique, Hakomi and Bowenwork.

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Common issues that I have helped resolve include:

Repetitive stress injuries

Chronic pain from past trauma

Acute pain from recent injury

Chronic tension patterns

Poor posture

Stress-related tension

Athletic injuries

Performance improvement

Headaches, including migraines and tension

Tinnitus, ear and sinus conditions

TMJ syndrome

Back and neck pain

Pelvic and hip pain

Knee, ankle, and foot pain




Shoulder restriction and pain

Elbow, wrist and hand pain


Plantar Fascitis

Hormonal imbalance


I believe we all have the inner capacity to heal ourselves,
given the right combination of external resources and stimulation of our
own inner resources.

In your first session, we will have a detailed discussion of your condition and the options for treatment.
Your treatment plan may involve one or more of the following bodywork approaches

A powerful manual therapy that stimulates self-correction within the body’s connective tissue, nervous system and energetic pathways. Chronic pain and postural issues can be resolved with several sessions. The effects of recent trauma can be resolved in very few sessions. This is a very effective therapy for hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, fatigue, headaches, nervous tension and insomnia.

This is specific attention to sore, restricted, or imbalanced muscles and connective tissue.  Tendonitis, repetitive stress injuries, muscle fatigue and injury are common conditions that benefit from this approach.

Runners, triathletes, cyclists, swimmers, and people playing sports of all kinds can often need support in their athletic endeavors. Gradual onset conditions like runner’s knee, IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, shoulder immobility and joint problems can all be avoided with consistent therapy focused on reducing tissue congestion, stimulating lymph flow, maintaining muscle and tendon resiliency, and correcting muscular imbalances and alignment issues.

As a mother’s body goes through the processes of pregnancy and childbirth, stresses on joints, tendons, and muscles occur. Treatment of specific issues like low back pain, sacroiliac and hip pain, limited lymphatic flow, and post-partum recovery can be essential to the quality of life and the future health of the mom.

Injuries from recent trauma, repetitive stress, muscular and postural imbalance, or illness can all benefit from specific treatment to enhance circulation, reduce swelling, control muscle splinting and calm the nervous system. Old injuries benefit from reduction and realignment of scar tissue, increasing range of motion and correcting imbalances due to compensation patterns. Recent injuries recover more quickly with bodywork.


After a twenty year career in professional theater administration and design, I came to realize that I was on an accelerated path to self-extinction.

While in the process of changing my life for the better, I realized that there were many people that could also benefit from learning how to reduce stress and physical pain in their bodies. This realization led me to the practice of massage therapy and bodywork.

I believe that we all have the inner capacity to heal ourselves, given the right combination of external resources and stimulation of our own inner resources. This belief is central to my approach with all clients, whether helping to resolve a chronic pain condition or injury, gain greater flexibility, or improve performance in a sport.

Combining disciplines in a holistic approach that respects the specific needs of the individual, I work with each client to create a treatment plan. This plan may involve the use of one approach or a multiple of them. The duration, frequency and number of sessions will depend on the goals of the client and the conditions requiring attention.

Techniques used are based in my extensive trainings in clinical massage therapy, Bowen and Bowenwork therapies, Hakomi and the Emmett Technique.


Webster University, BFA in Theatre Design, 1980

Chicago School of Massage Therapy – 650 hour Massage Therapy program, completed April 1998.

Hakomi Institute – 144 hour Hakomi for Bodyworkers training, completed December 1999.

Hakomi Institute – 324 hour Principles, Theory and Technique of the Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy training, completed November 2003.

Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia – 500 hour Professional Bowen Practitioner training, completed 2008. Certification in all levels of advanced training.

Bowen Seminars – Continuing education with Graham Pennington’s Importance of Symmetry and Targeting the Primary Dysfunction trainings – 2015-2018

Emmett Technique – Full Practitioner Level – 2018

Emmett Technique – Continuing Education – 2018



Licensed in the State of Illinois for Massage Therapy.

Registered Professional Bowenwork™ Practitioner.




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