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Lateral Hip Exercises

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This series of exercises will strengthen many of the primary hip muscles responsible for stability. Perform each exercise, with as many repetitions as you can do until you feel fatigue in the muscles.

Upper Back Active Stretch

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This active stretch is designed to energize and recondition the spinal muscles responsible for holding you upright.  Many of us suffer from pain between the shoulder blades, from muscles that have been fatigued from working in a seated position for long hours.  This exercise / stretch will give you back the motor control and strength that have been lost to pain and dysfunction.  Perform this as often as possible throughout the day, doing 5-10 repetitions each time.  This exercise alone will not recondition the upper spinal muscles.  Specifically focused bodywork will be an essential partner in any reconditioning effort.

Plates Exercise

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This exercise is great for freeing up restrictions in the spine.  It provides a stretch to the connective tissue of the central nervous system.  It is best to perform this exercise with at least five repetitions on each side, and to do this each morning and each evening.  Enjoy the restored freedom you will feel in your entire body!